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BRUBAKER Bath Gift Set "Wooden Pail", Spa Set, 9pcs

BRUBAKER Bath Gift Set "Wooden Pail", Spa Set, 9pcs


Immerse yourself in a warm bath, with fragrances to help you remember those wonderful holidays you had on a sandy beach, pina colada on ice with little umbrellas and blue sky.
This gift is one of our favorites and is guaranteed to make her smile.
The versatile wooden bowl can be used to store fruit, or even used as a plant pot.
It is also perfect to store an assortment of hand towels in the bathroom and quite the addition to a well-presented conservatory or kitchen.
Coconut has been used for centuries to heal and rejuvenate dry skin whilst restoring its moisture balance.

The set includes a moisturizing shower gel, a nourishing body lotion, a sensual bubble bath, cellulite massage soap bar, wooden cellulite massage bar,
a pouch of oil-releasing bath salts with scoop and a back strap, lined with natural fibers to ex-foliate skin.

Please choose from cacao butter, coconut, chocolate, aloe vera, mango peach or cranberry.

Natural formulation using only the purest plant and fruit extracts infused with vitamin E, cocoa butter and essential oils.
Paraben free and not tested on animals.
Reusable packaging with several after-uses such as plant pots, hat boxes, vanity cases, fruit bowls and champagne ice buckets.
High level of glycerin content to lock moisture and nourish your skin.
Subtle, gorgeous and modern fragrances derived from the natural extract itself rather than artificial additives.

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